Housing Gap

Our People

Nate Hutchinson

Nate Hutchinson

Committee Chair
CEO of Flagship Homes
Karen McCandles

Karen McCandles

Vice Chair
CEO at Community Action Services and Food Bank
David Rowley

David Rowley

Chamber Contact
Government & Community Relations Director

Our Mission

Utah County is expecting extraordinary growth because of its continued economic prosperity, reasonable cost of living, and excellent quality of life. Even with the recent global pandemic there are promising indicators that Utah County will double its population in 20 years. This explosive growth is creating housing challenges that will continue to hurt our state unless proper measures are taken. The Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce supports a diversified mix of housing stock that allows for vibrant, affordable communities. Such communities are possible only when communities have a variety of home inventory and diverse zoning options.

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Our Plans

We have several goals we want to work towards in the housing gap committee:

1. Support Affordable Housing Commission Priorities
2. Promote the construction of various housing types that are available for all stages of life
3. Encourage building high-density housing near current and future public transit stations and on major corridors
4. Maintain and encourage a high quality of life for the residents of Utah County

The Housing Gap Committee meets every first and third Wednesday of the month at 9:30 AM MST. Contact us to get involved!
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Utah Valley is facing a housing crisis. Renting and purchasing opportunities are becoming less available to our citizens. This committee is focused on solving current complexities that creates issues within the housing market. We are working closely with cities, home builders, elected officials and other topic specialists to address this crisis. We are promoting solutions that create a variety of housing stock that will benefit all members of our community

- Nate Hutchinson, Chair
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