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Our People

Ray Chipman

Ray Chipman

Committee Chair
Partner at Squire and Company

Ron Moore

Vice Chair
CFO of RBM Services
David Rowley

David Rowley

Chamber Contact
Government & Community Relations Director

Our Mission

To compete successfully, business owners and managers must continuously study the environment, innovate and adapt their businesses accordingly. The Chamber’s mission is to identify, endorse, and advocate for principle-based policies that create an environment in which new and existing businesses can prosper.

Why Join Business Environment Committee?

Network with influential individuals
Gain access to research
Understand chamber member's perspectives
Be a part of important conversations
Enjoy insights into currently active initiatives
Develop initiatives to promote change
Make your voice heard

Our Plans

Our committee has three focused goals to improve the business environment in Utah:

  1. Review strategies and methods and support bills which decrease government regulations on occupational licenses
  2. Identify post-pandemic response strategies and policy priorities.
  3. Continue to develop partnerships with businesses, public/private organizations, municipalities and educational institutions to advance the mission of the Chamber.

The Business Environment Committee meets every second and fourth Tuesday of the month at 8:00 AM MST. Contact us to get involved!

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Our committee is the driving force in Utah County for a healthy business environment. We promote deregulation, a positive work atmosphere and good public policy. We continue to promote free-market principles that will allow current and new businesses to thrive.
- Ray Chipman, chair
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