Our People

Jeremy Hafen

Jeremy Hafen

Committee Chair
President at Clyde Companies
Jamie Davidson

Jamie Davidson

Vice Chair
City Manager, City of Orem
David Rowley

David Rowley

Chamber Contact
Government & Community Relations Director

Our Mission

The year 2021 is a critical juncture for Utah on transportation and infrastructure. With Utah’s economic and fiscal health strong, relative to other states and with interest rates at record lows, we stand at a pivotal moment to invest in infrastructure for the future growth of Utah Valley. We will prioritize infrastructure development for economic growth. We also acknowledge that the UV Chamber Legislative Forum found consensus around the pursuit of additional infrastructure funding focused on Utah County priorities.

Why Join Transportation Committee?

Network with influential individuals
Gain access to research
Understand chamber member's perspectives
Be a part of important conversations
Enjoy insights into currently active initiatives
Develop initiatives to promote change
Make your voice heard

Our Plans

The transportation committee has several goals and strategies we want to work towards:

  1. Work with Utah departments and agencies on planning for Utah Valley's projects
  2. Help lead discussions that will:
  • Update the regional highway system
  • Explore additional freeways and add capacity
  • Develop robust transit system
  • Develop regionally connected active transportation system
  • Preserve current infrastructure

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The Utah Valley Chamber Valley Visioning committee is bringing together business leaders and public entities to provide coordinated transportation vision for the entire valley. We are a voice of collaboration and reason in solving the complex infrastructure needs that growth brings to Utah Valley
- Jeremy Hafen, Committee Chair
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