Joined by Congressman Burgess Owens and industry leaders, including Clyde Companies, LVT, and Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions, we delved into the transformative power of health benefits for employees and their families.

As Owens commits to forging connections and advocating for policies that bolster talent recruitment and retention, it's evident that the nexus of healthcare and business is more crucial than ever.

Healthy employees not only drive productivity and reliability, but also radiate happiness. Matt Eyles, President & CEO of American Health Insurance Providers, highlights the empowerment of over 180 million Americans through employer-provided coverage, ensuring health and financial security.

With nearly 2 million Utahns covered by their employers (63% satisfied), health insurance's role as a motivator for job loyalty and decision-making remains resolute.

Digging deeper, 82% of Utah workers enjoy company-offered insurance with diverse plan choices and added benefits like dental and vision care. In the face of economic fluctuations, the investment by business owners in employee well-being resonates even louder.

Josselin Castillo, Manager of Federal Government Relations at NFIB, emphasizes the urgency for small employers to meet the evolving needs of their workforce amid inflation and talent shortages. Consumer appreciation for such investments in health and job satisfaction is truly promising.

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